November 16, 2009


AOL Autos

Really? REALLY? Right after editing my groupmate’s work (e.g. “accounts effected“), I find that people who get paid to write can’t spell either? Excuse me while I die twitching.


Sesame Street 40th

I love you, Elmo! I thought you were a girl for the longest time, though. And Oscar.. I always knew I’d grow up to be just like you–stinky and grumpy.

Some of my favorites:

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More Puns

November 3, 2009

Indian Reservations

Not again!


October 20, 2009


Comments thread,

Not to make light of the upcoming doomsday pandemic, but… Okay, so I guess we are making fun of it. But c’mon, the wit makes up for it, no?

Powered by unicorns

October 20, 2009

Powered by unicorns


Your right to WiFi

October 19, 2009

Right to Wifi

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Nobody–I repeat, NOBODY–has a right to wifi!

More on headlines & puns.

October 19, 2009

Taking a bite outta apple

Still think the WSJ’s stuffy and humorless? Check out these posts.